PHD Courses

Analytical Continuum Mechanics and Applications

(Prof. F. dell’Isola)

Space of Configurations and the problem of determining the Equation of Motion

Action Functional and Lagrange Equations for systems

Lagrangian action for the system constituted by two interacting particles

Piola’s unitary description of the kinematics of rigid and deformable mechanical systems

An invitation to Levi-Civita Ricci Tensor Algebra and Calculus.

A Gramscian digression In Search of the Educational Principle.

Independence of energy from the observer

Derivation of Eulerian description form general Lagrangian formulation.

Cauchy Tetrahedron argument, Part I.

Cauchy Tetrahedron argument, Part II.

Introduction to second gradient continua

Capillary Fluids


Representation of isotropic scalar functions

Isotropic constitutive relations, Part I

Isotropic constitutive relations, Part II

Linearization procedure in continuum mechanics