The Eugenio Beltrami Senior Scientist Prize: a M&MoCS prize for engineering scientist


2019 Prize Winners

With great pleasure it is announced that the 2019 Eugenio Beltrami Prize for Senior Engineering Scientist Prize will be presented to Prof. Ferdinando Auricchio for his outstanding research and achievements in computational solid and structural mechanics.

Ferdinando Auricchio is Professor of Solids and Structural Mechanics, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture University of Pavia, Italy, Research Associate at IMATI-CNR (Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the National Research Council), Pavia, Italy. He received the Euler Medal by ECCOMAS (European Community of Computational Methods in Applied Sciences) in 2016 and he became Fellow Award by IACM (International Association for Computational Mechanics) since 2012. From 2013 to 2019 he served as Vice-President of ECCOMAS. In 2018 he was appointed as a member of the Italian National Academy of Science, known also as Accademia dei XL.

Due to the current developments related to the ongoing COVID19 crisis, MEMOCS scientific committee has decided to postpone the award ceremony to 2021.

2018 Prize Winners
2017 Prize Winners
  • Anil Misra
  • The University of Kansas, U.S.A.
  • Laudatio


1. Prize establishment

“The Eugenio Beltrami Senior Scientist Prize”, in brief the Prize, will recognise international and scientific achievements reached in any field contributing to engineering applications.
Indispensable prerequisites for the appointment of the prize will be based on international recognition of published works, leadership and management of scientific projects (both national and international) and technology transfer.
The Selection Committee, as defined in Sec. 2, supports its choice with a written report which will be posted on the MEMOCS Center’s website (

2. Selection Committee

The Prize will be awarded by a Selection Committee composed of the MEMOCS director and at least two selected MEMOCS scientists covering significant role in MEMOCS.
For the first four years the two selected scientists are David Steigmann (as representative of MEMOCS Scientific Committee) and Yves Remond (as representative of MEMOCS Foundation).
The Selection Committee assigns the Prize on the basis of suggestions made by all the MEMOCS Com- missions and also by the previous winner of the Prize.
The Selection Committee will be chaired by a senior member in the role of first rank professor or equivalent.
The Prize will be awarded only by unanimous vote of the Selection Committee.
A member of MEMOCS designated by the director will write the minutes.

3. Recognition to the winners

The Prize will be awarded to no more than two scientists per year.
The winners will be expected to hold a plenary lecture at one of the International Conference organised by MEMOCS during the year on their research topics in order to expose their scientific achievements to the wider audience of younger researchers.

4. Award criteria

The Prize is devoted to senior researcher with at least ten years full time research activity after obtaining Ph.D.
The Selection Committee will determine the winner’s profound and extensive expertise in the quality of the scientific published work, projects managements and responsibilities, as well as national and international collaborations.
Technological transfer of the fundamental scientific work towards industrial applications will be important as well as transversal capacities to reach multi-disciplinary fields