Research Areas

Scope of activity of the research centre

The Center has been founded to be a Forum where Mathematics and Numerical Analysis are developed to be a tool for describing the behavior of Complex Systems.

A specific class of Complex Systems to which the attention is focused is not (willingly!) specified.

The list of considered Complex Systems to be studied may include (but is not limited to):

interacting atoms and molecules, fluids flowing in deformable solid matrices, living tissues, damaged solids, groups of apes, human complex societies, complex structures subject to buckling phenomena, vehicles traveling in highways, arrays of piezoelectric transducers, microstructured deformable solid bodies, sets of coupled linear and non-linear oscillators, brains, nervous system, telecommunication networks, engines, chemically reacting systems, social networks, robots, planetary atmosphere, galaxies, markets, …..

The research activities of the Center are directed to the formulation of rigorous mathematical models and effective numerical simulations conceived to predict the phenomena occurring in Complex Systems. However also experimental research will be addressed as it constitutes the fundamental knowledge on which models must be based


Research topics already active in the center

  • Variational and optimization methods
  • Gamma convergence
  • homogenization techniques
    mechanics of fluids and solids
  • vibration control by means of piezoelectric actuators
  • composite materials
  • detection of land mines
  • biomechanics of growing tissues
  • fluid dynamics and transport phenomena
  • kinetic theory and modeling of complex systems
  • vibration and waves in continuous and multi-phase media
  • plasticity
  • damage mechanics
  • mechanics, stability and control structures
  • identification of materials and mechanical systems
  • dynamic systems and bifurcation theory
  • fluid dynamic models for the analysis of traffic flows and the social sciences
  • numerical-differential modeling in the mechanics and the electromagnetism of biological materials and nano-structures