Scientific Director: Prof. Dionisio Del Vescovo

The Laboratory established in Cisterna di Latina conducts research on prototypes of smart structures, vibration control, noise generation and transmission, structural integrity monitoring as well as the following areas:

  1. non-destructive fresco integrity diagnosis with a Doppler vibrometer scanning laser;
  2. development of acoustic-vibrators for the location of historically significant fresco and plaster defects with intrusive investigations on the subject of the investigation;
  3. scientific and technological research for the development of lighter, cheaper, more efficient and therefore flexible robotic systems;
  4. the study of smart structures, equipped with piezoelectric sensors such as thin plates or panels for noise and vibration control;
  5. finite element modeling aimed at designing structures in civil and industrial sectors, among which we may refer to wood laminated orthotropic structures for structural tests for static and dynamic stability;
  6. energy analysis of buildings.