1. The International center for “Mathematics & Mechanics of complex systems ,hereafter referred to as the Center, has been established ,under the Art.44 of the Statute , at the University of L’Aquila, hereafter referred to as the University.
  2. The English name of the Center is “International Research Center for Mathematics & Mechanics of Complex Systems”; the acronym is M&MoCS.
  3. The Research Center was established under the auspices and financial and logistical support of the Province of Latina and of the Foundation “Tullio Levi- Civita” , (hereafter referred to as the Foundation).The Center supports the objectives of the Foundation of spreading and developing Scientific Culture as well as providing high level education.


1.   The topics of interest of the Center are related to Mathematical Modeling, Numerical implementation and testing of physical problems of Mechanics of complex systems. In particular these are the following topics of interest:

  • Mechanics of fluids and solids;
  • Fluid dynamics and Transport phenomena;
  • Kinetic theory and Modeling of complex systems;
  • Vibrations and waves in continuous and polyphasic  media;
  • Mechanics ,stability and control of structures;
  • Identifications of materials and mechanical systems;
  • Dynamic systems and Bifurcation Theory;
  • Differential numerical modeling in the mechanics of biological materials and nanostructures;
  • Further lines of research ,as provided in the agreement referred to in the Art.4 paragraph 3;


In relation to the issues listed in Art.2,the center has the following Institutional purposes  :

  1. Promote and carry out research, with particular attention to developing and entrenching Scientific culture in the Province of Latina;
  2. Promote initiatives for Scientific connection between researchers in Mathematics  and Mechanics of fluids and solids, operating both in Italy and abroad in the field of Mathematical modeling for engineering;
  3. Promote, support and organize  highly qualified educational activities ,such as specialization courses, refresher courses ,master and doctorates;
  4. Support through publications, conferences, seminars and exhibitions  the promotion of mathematics and mechanics of complex systems;
  5. Perform consulting and research in favor of Organizations and Institutions;
  6. Spread awareness of the research activities of the Center in the most appropriate manner.


  1. The Center is made up of University Departments that have promoted the establishment (founding departments) or that will subsequently adhere. Each Department that adheres to the Center shall propose a list of afferent  Teachers and Researchers.
  2. The Founding Departments are:  ( a)   Department of Engineering Structures , Water and Soil; (b) Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics.
  3. After the conclusion of appropriate agreements ,Italian and Foreign Universities interested in pursuing institutional purposes  may join the Center. Every Institution that joins the Center shall propose a list of afferent Teachers and Researchers.
  4. Temporary assignments or use of staff from other  public  Agencies or Institutions ,in accordance with current regulations, are possible. Grant Recipients, from Italian and Foreign institutions, can be assigned to the Center.
  5. It is also possible for Individual subjects to become members of the Center.
    • Teachers and Researchers of the University;
    • Teachers and Researchers from other Italian or Foreign Universities or Research Institutes.
    • Outside Experts
  6. Membership applications for those defined in paragraph 5 of this Article, shall be accompanied by the Scientific Curriculum, and any other document showing the congruence of the application with the Scientific and Cultural purpose of the Center.
  7. A University Department –according to paragraph 1- and an Institution –according to paragraph 3-remains a member until written notice is given and signed either  by the Department  Director or by the Legal Representative of the Institution.
  8. An  Individual who is a member of the Center , according to paragraph 5, will remain so until written notice is given and signed by the Member . However ,membership must be renewed every four years by the Member ,otherwise it will  automatically expire.
  9. In harmony with the International character of the Center, stable forms of cooperation with foreign Scientific Institutions that pursue similar objectives to those of the Center ,can be implemented through suitable conventional means. Funds from the University budget destined for the International Scientific collaboration can be used for this.


  1. The Governing Bodies of the Center are:
    1. The Director
    2. The Scientific Committee
    3.  The Council of the Center; (hereinafter referred to as the Council).
  2. The Director is appointed by the Rector and by the Council, and is chosen among the Full  Professors of the Centre. The Director shall remain in charge for four years and cannot hold the office for more than two consecutive terms.
  3. The Scientific Committee consists of:
      1. The Director pro-tempore of the Center, as chairman;
      2. Five representatives of Teachers and Researchers of the Center, elected by the Council;
      3. One Full Professor appointed by the President of the Foundation;
      4. Four Italian or Foreign experts of high qualification and expertise in the topics of the Center, appointed by the Council from a list of candidates proposed by the Director.

    Meetings of the Scientific Committee may also be held electronically. The members referred to in paragraph d) do not contribute to the formation of a quorum. The youngest member shall write the minutes of the meetings. The Scientific Committee is in charge for four academic years with no limit to the number of consecutive terms of office carried out by the members referred to in points b), c) and d).

  4. The Council of the Center consists of :
    1. The Director of the Center , as chairman;
    2. All the Professors and Researchers of the Center;
    3. A Representative elected by the Technical-Administrative staff working at the Center;
    4. The Chief Executive Officer ( although interim) of the Center, which serves as the minutes.
      The Elective Members remain in office for four academic years with no limits to the number of consecutive terms of office carried out by the members referred to in points b), c) and d) .
  5. If the Director considers it appropriate ,an Executive Council ,which shall be composed of the Director , the Chief Executive Officer and three Members appointed by the Council may be established . The Executive Committee remains in office until the expiry of the mandate of the Director, it has investigative duties for the Council and shall take final decisions on matters delegated to it from time to time by the Council.


  1. The Director represents the Center in dealing with the Academic Authorities and with the outside world and also :
    1. Convenes and chairs the Scientific Committee and the Council;
    2. Implements the resolutions of the Governing Bodies of the Center;
    3. He is subject to the laws and regulations provided for the Directors of University Departments;
    4. He has the authority to manage costs to the amount allowed by the Administrative rules for Department Directors;
    5. Makes the necessary provisions for the normal activities of the Center;
    6. Supervises the Administrative Staff  working at the Center;
    7. Appoints a Deputy Director among the Professors and Researchers of the Center  to replace him  in case of his absence or legitimate impediment .


  1. 1) The Scientific Committee is responsible for ensuring the Scientific and Cultural validity of the initiatives promoted by the Center, coordinating its programs. In particular:
    1. Approves at the end of each calendar year a plan of action falling within the institutional aims of the Center, based on proposals made by the Council, to be implemented in the next calendar year;
    2. Shall produce ,before the end of each calendar year ,a report of the activities carried out by the Center in the previous year to be forwarded to the Rector;
    3. Expresses opinions, which are  binding for the Council, on the Scientific  Curricula of Professors and Researchers in connection with applications for memberships and proposals for International collaborations referred to in Art. 4 of this regulation.


The Council of the Center collaborates with the Director to ensure the right functioning of the Center. In particular:

a) Decides on the membership of the University Departments after the establishment of the Center, according to paragraph 1 of Art.4, and on the membership of the individual Professors and Researchers who wish to join the Center according to the paragraphs  1, 3 and 5 of Art.4;

b)Proposes to the competent Academic Bodies the conclusion of contracts or agreements with Private or Public ,Italian or Foreign Corporations according to paragraphs 3 and 4 of Art.4;

c) Decides on the costs  that exceed the maximum allowed to the Director;

d) Submits annually requests for funding and allocation of Technical and Administrative Staff;

e) Approves annually the Budget and the Balance of the Center, according to the expiry dates established for similar requirements of the University Departments;

f) Submits by June 30 of each year a comprehensive plan of initiatives for approval by the  Scientific Committee, consistent with the institutional aims of the Center, to be implemented in the next calendar year;

g) Decides on all matters  concerning the functioning of the Center that shall be evaluated by the Director.


  1. The Center operates with the Technical and Administrative staff of one or more of the authorized Departments.
  2. Temporary assignments or use of staff from other Public Agencies or Institutions, in accordance with current regulations and the University Statute, are possible.
  3. Grant Recipients from Italian or Foreign Institutions can be assigned to the Center.


  1. The Center operates in the premises provided by the Province of Latina , by the Foundation and by one or more of  the University Departments related to the Center.
  2. On the basis of operating requirements sub-offices may be set up in the premises assigned by Italian and Foreign  Research Institutions related to the Center, according to appropriate agreements concluded in accordance with paragraph 3 of ART.4.


  1. The Center can organize ,in collaboration with other Institutions, courses and seminars on subjects relevant to the Institutional purposes. According to current provisions , this educational activity is to be in addition to the didactic obligations set by the Faculty to which the Professors and Researchers belong to.
  2. The Center can collaborate with the teaching facilities of reference (the Board and Faculty of the course) in activating International study courses which aim to issue multiple or joint qualifications, in particular for organizing the training on offer within the University .


  1. The Center operates as cost center in accordance with ART.44 of the Statute and the rules of the University Administration .
  2. The Financial resources available to the Center  consist of ordinary and extraordinary contributions of the Foundation , International Organizations , Ministries, University, Universities and Research  Institutions  as well as members of other Agencies. They consist of incomes from contracts and agreements with public and private agencies, of incomes from any other service for third parties in accordance with the University Regulations  and any interest earned on bank deposits as well as of liberal donations  from public and private Institutions. The University Board annually notes the program of activities prepared by the Organs of the Center and may assign an ordinary budget fund.
  3. It is possible for the Center to use the Research Funds allocated in any way to Professors and Researchers who are members of the Center.


  1. Having noted the interdepartmental  nature of the Center , all the activities it carries out will be submitted annually to the University Departments ,which join the Center  according to paragraph 1 of Art.4.
  2. In order to allow the adhering Departments  to carry out   Scientific and Financial reporting of the research conducted in the Center by all the members who come under Art. 4 and of the Individual Departments ,the Council shall decide and allocate  for all the reportable  initiatives of the Center a percentage share to each Department until it  reaches 100%. A Similar decision is taken for all the financial resources  available to the Center and referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Art.12.


  1. The Center is established for the maximum duration of six years . The establishment may be renewed every six years by resolution of the Academic  Senate and the Board of Directors  after hearing the opinion of each of the Departments voted six to three months before the expiry.


  1. This  Regulation has the nature of Internal Regulation of the University facilities, according to the statute of the University.
  2. Although not expressly provided for in  this Regulation ,the rules of the Statute of the University and of the current legislation are applied .
  3. This Regulation may be amended at the initiative of the Council  promoted to two- thirds majority .The opinion of the Scientific Committee must be acquired  on the proposed amendment , to be approved by the Competent Bodies . Any new regulation comes into force with the beginning of the Academic year following that of its approval. The Member Departments and Scientific  Institutions, according to Art.3 ,may accept the new Regulation or withdraw its membership with effect from its entry into force without further commitments for either the Center or the Department or the Institution that is withdrawing it  .


From the date of activation of the Center the functions of the Council, of the Scientific Committee and of the Director shall be taken by a Technical Committee Officer ,formed by three Full Professors ,two  of which shall be appointed by the Directors of the Founding Departments and one by the Director of the Foundation. At its first meeting the Committee shall elect its President from among the Professors  of the University of l’Aquila. The Committee shall hold office until it has assigned to the Center a number of Professors and Researchers to form the Scientific Committee ,as required by Art.5 paragraph 3, and for a period not exceeding eighteen months , which can possibly be extended by the Academic Senate on reasoned request.