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    Public notice for searching for property leased to be used in laboratory tests for the “M&MOCS” (Mathematics & Mechanics of Complex Systems International Research Center) – City of Tagliacozzo. Download Bando (scadenza 9 luglio 2015) :
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    Application form for individual candidature Agreement for Institution or research institution
  • Minutes of the C. T. O.

    This section contains the minutes of the sittings of the Assembly Committee Technical Officer Verbale del 07-12-2012 Verbale del 26-10-2012 Verbale del 24-07-2012 Verbale del 03-02-2012 Verbale del 02-12-2011 Verbale del 04-11-2011 Verbale del 15-07-2011 Verbale del 27-06-2011 Verbale del 20-05-2011 Verbale del 12-01-2011 Verbale del 24-11-2010 Verbale del 28-10-2010
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    Council Proceeding No. 1 Council Proceeding No. 2
  • Statute

    ART.1 CONSTITUTION AND NAME The International center for “Mathematics & Mechanics of complex systems ,hereafter referred to as the Center, has been established ,under the Art.44 of the Statute , at the University of L’Aquila, hereafter referred to as the University. The English name of the Center is “International Research Center for Mathematics & Mechanics of Complex ...